Friday, November 19, 2010

NYC Visit, 11-2010: Soy and Sake - Vegan Sushi!

My last post on our trip to New York City two weeks ago, this time featuring a mostly vegan Asian restaurant specializing in sushi.

Truth be told, I can't get all that excited about sushi. I've never been much of a fan of fish or seaweed, but this place has got something for everyone. Though I am trying to come around to eating more seaweed these days and I can do way better with fake fish, I just wasn't in the mood for it this trip. This is mostly due to the bender at Candle 79 from the night before.

Soy and Sake's menu is huge, featuring vegan Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and (oddly) Italian dishes. Most of the menu is vegan, and the items that are not are clearly marked. They have the largest selection of mock meat and fish I've seen, but resisted my nagging urge to continuously press them to make sure it's all vegan.

We started out with the soy based Buffalo Wings, covered in a citrus barbecue sauce with soy sesame "blue cheese" dressing:
A fan of vegan wings, I like to try them everywhere I go. These were quite good. I wouldn't call the dressing an accurate blue cheese analog, but it was tasty all the same.

Next came some soups. I wasn't very hungry, but was determined to try as much of the menu as I thought I could possibly get down.
In the foreground is my Thai Coconut Soup, and behind is Marya's Tom Yam Soup. The two soups weren't much different from each other, aside from mine having coconut milk. Both were delicious.

Next, I ordered the Peking Spare Ribs. I have said numerous times that I'm trying to cut down on the fake meat, but who am I kidding? I *heart* fake meat.
I'll say that the taste didn't differ much from the vegan wings appetizer, but that's probably a.) the curse of fake meat is that it simply becomes whatever you call it, and 2.) my fault for ordering yet another dish with a citrus-like sauce.

And Marya ordered the Eel Cucumber Roll and the Philadelphia Roll:
No, that's not a misprint, they have soy eel. And soy salmon.

One slightly disturbing thing about the place is their enormous fish tank:
But unlike the wedding Marya and I went to at the Atlantis Aquarium on Long Island once, at least people around us here weren't eating seafood in front of the fish in the tanks.

I'm looking forward to returning to Soy and Sake. Despite my aversion to seafood, one dish that looks good is the Taro Nest. It has soy shrimp, scallops, and squid in it. Again, because of my being under the weather, I just didn't think I'd be able to stomach the fake squid, but it's high on my list for next time.

I also have to comment on how nice the staff was. I asked our waitress to take a picture of us. She took 4 of them, almost apologizing that she was taking so long with it. Plus the staff had a particularly difficult customer sitting close to us, and they managed to deal with him graciously.

And really, all of our experiences in New York City have been great, and it's thanks to the people who live and work there. So, thanks to everyone at Soy and Sake, Candle 79, V-Note, Sacred Chow, Stogo Ice Cream, The Pickle Guys, Kate's Joint, Moo Shoes, Live Live, Vampire Freaks, Blossom, Cocoa V, Marie's Crisis Cafe, The Organic Grill, Rockin' Raw, Lan Cafe, McSorley's Old Alehouse, The City Winery, Quintessence, The Whole Earth Bakery, The St. Mark's Hotel, The 4th Street Co-op, Counter, Caravan of Dreams, The East Village Buffalo Exchange, and all the folks on the street who kindly stopped to ask if we needed assistance locating our destination. We'll love New York City and we'll be back as often as possible.

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