Thursday, April 1, 2010

Local to Me Edition: The Raven Grill in Mount Pleasant

The Raven Grill
3125 Mt Pleasant Ave. NW 20010
Washington DC
(202) 387-8411

Alcohol: Hells yeah!
Price Range: $
Forms of Payment: Paper, no plastic
Closest Public Tranportation: Columbia Heights on Green/Yellow Line. Quoting from a Yelp reviewer: "If you had to take a cab here you don't belong here."

The Raven Grill is a cheerful little restaurant in Mount Pleasant. Unlike the recent movement towards recreating clandestine prohibition era hooch parlours such as DC's The Gibson or Chicago's The Violet Hour , The Raven Grill maintains its obscurity by hiding in plain sight. I know I've walked by this place dozens of times never noticing it. I hadn't even heard about it 'til I read about it on a local blog.

I'm not sure if The Raven Grill naturally an unpretentious little hidden away place where it never occurred to them to call the place a "Grille", or if it's so pretentious a hipster hang-out that they intentionally left off that annoying "e" so as not to seem pretentious - sort of saying they're above such trappings. They do have a great juke box.

I'm happy to report that a full 1/3rd of their selections, at least at the time of my visit, are vegan. They have no printed menu as the options frequently change, but below is a display of their offerings on the day I popped in.

One cannot clearly discern the vegan options without close inspection of the food, which would be weird. So for your benefit, I have done the necessary research and am providing this handy guide below, to help with your vegan selections at The Raven Grill. Please click on the image to see it full size:
Please click to view the larger image. It may very well save your life.

During Washington DC's Snowpocalypse they had sadly run out of food. Nothing even on display. The bartender apologized: "We're sorry, the kitchen is closed."
Oh, and they have a full and reasonably priced bar.


  1. The times that I've been to the Raven I've never been tempted to check out their "menu". That would be amazing if they started serving Asylumesque food. It wouldn't be too hard, unless they don't have a kitchen. If the wonderland can create decent bar food with their limited kitchen space then the Raven could do the same.
    In other news, I just linked your blog to mine!

  2. Thanks for linking our blogs! Yeah, I wish there were more places like Asylum. At least Meridian Pint is opening in June. It won't match the divy-ness* of Asylum or The Raven Grill, but it'll be a pub with (cooked) vegan food.

    *Not sure of the spelling, but I know that diviness is probably not correct.