Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Local to Me Edition: Duccini's Pizza

Duccini's Pizza
1778 U St NW
Washington DC 20009

Awesome vegan pizza with Diaya cheese. Also, they are probably the only place in DC with vegan Jumbo Slice pizza, available only on the weekend. If you order it any other time, they'll give you a small pizza, but it's very filling and terrific. And cheap - under $6. Also, during the month of January 2010, they're donating %10 of their vegan sales to the fantastic animal rights advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing.
We ordered this one (pictured above) with tomatoes, black olives, spinach, and roasted garlic.
Duccini's is far from a vegetarian restaurant, but it is very cool that they're not only willing to offer a great vegan option for delivery or carry-out, but to donate some of their vegan sales to an animal rights group.

Having said that, I was a bit pissed at the delivery guy - he parked in the middle of the street (blocking traffic) and honked the horn, rather than bringing the pizza to the door. Also, he lost his pen so I told him to find a parking spot while I found one to sign credit card receipt. Rather than taking the parking spot right next to where his car was standing, he parked at the far end of the block and walked back. Just weird. Anyway, great place, freakish delivery service.

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