Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Cooking(?): Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus with Sprouted Chick Peas
Saturday we saw the movie Food Matters that discussed (among other things) the health benefits of eating raw foods. Sunday we began looking up raw food recipes. We found this raw hummus recipe. Minutes later we were soaking the chick peas so they would start sprouting. By Wednesday they had sprouted about a half an inch - just right. We ground them in a food processor with lemon juice, garlic, tahini, and salt, then topped with olive oil and paprika.

It is different. I can't say it's the best hummus I've ever had, or even made, but I should cut it some slack. When I became vegetarian, then vegan, I noticed my tastes had vastly changed. Never did I think in my all my years before that I'd be going gaga over sauteed brussel sprouts or steamed kale. I'm hoping that I my tastes will continue to change so that I may one day go gonzo for such raw treats. This is only the beginning of our raw food journey, and we're excited to start experimenting with it.
I should note that I'd like to try this recipe again some time with my own modifications and touches.

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