Monday, January 4, 2010

Amy's Place in Buffalo, New York

Spent Wednesday 12/30/09 through Monday 1/4/10 in Attica, NY to help celebrate my girlfriend's grandmother's 100th birthday. In a brief newspaper article about the centenarian, she ascribes her longevity to drinking very little water, getting very little exercise, and eating lots of ice cream.
For the rest of us, there's veganism.

Since there's not a lot going on in the town of Attica in terms of vegan cuisine, we decided to pit-stop in Buffalo before heading on to Attica.

As soon as we landed in Buffalo, we picked up our rental car and pointed it in the direction of downtown Buffalo to find Amy's Place, a diner across the street from the south campus of the the University at Buffalo. Great thing about college towns - always plenty of vegetarian and vegan options around campus.
Amy's Place has some middle-eastern dishes, but most is traditional diner fare.
Amy's in Buffalo, NY

Apparently breakfast before 9:00AM is $1.99. Sadly, our plane landed well after that, but it's not like the place will break the bank anyway.
There are loads of vegan options here. My breakfast came with lentils and broccoli, toast w/ vegan butter, potatoes, and seitan (pictured underneath the toast and jam). An odd but tasty selection for breakfast.
Lebanese Lentils and Broccoli
And Marya got the vegan French Toast and house-made tofu sizzle strips.
Vegan French Toast w/ House-made Tofu Sizzle Strips

All food was great, but, sucker that I am for fake meat, loved the seitan my dish came with and loved the sizzle strips even more. The sizzle strips were smokey, chewy, and delicious. They reminded me of Spam. Color me weird, but I see this as a good thing.
We ordered some vegan mac-n-cheese to go, and shared it with several non-vegans. Others were impressed, but I thought it had a bit much in the way of turmeric. If you want a really good vegan mac-n-cheese, click here for a great recipe.
If we're ever back in Buffalo, I hope we'll be able to go back to Amy's Place. Fizzer about having so many menu options on travel is that you want to try them all at once.

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